• Sudhir Mooray

Yoga is experiential

Yes, Yoga is experiential, not some abstract Philosophy that you can sit around debate or imagine.

Everything you do in Yoga, you feel it. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Asanas(postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques to enhance to life force), relaxation or meditation.

No wonder, more and more people are drawn towards this ancient science of well being

Doctors are recommending, Schools are incorporating into the curriculum and corporations into the office place.

The medical benefits of a few minutes of mindfulness or meditation every day has been recently accepted by the scientific community

Working with the breath, engaging the mind and being aware and present in the moment, a yoga class has a magical effect on our well being

So, what are you waiting for? Did someone say you have to be flexible to do Yoga? You only need your breath and yes flexibility of the mind, acceptance

and an inquisitive carefree attitude…

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