• Sudhir Mooray

Yoga beyond the mat

In the yogic philosophy, asanas pranayama and meditation practices, on the mat and/or as a sadhana ( daily practice) at home, makes you more Sattvic than tamsic or rajsic. Sattvic being in a state where you are at peace, content, light and balanced, while tamsic is dull, lethargic and sluggish and rajsic is restless, overactive and agitated.

In this state of mind you are more likely to have positive thoughts and more likely to be inclusive, friendly, kind and compassionate.

Raj Yoga or Patanajali Ashtanga ( eight limbs) is a way of life. Ahimsa( non violence of action word and thought), Satya ( always speaking the truth ), asteya( non stealing) and Santosha( contentment) are some of the aspects of yamas and Niyamas( first two limbs).

When one can take the above into his or her life, then you are in Yoga . In a constant state of self awareness, a yogi does not see him or her self as an individual, nor does he differentiate based on color, sex, state, country. He sees all living creatures as equal.

"Lokha Samastha Sukhino Bavanthu" . May all living creatures of the entire universe live in peace and harmony.

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