• Sudhir Mooray

Tips for deeper and more meaningful meditation

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Meditation is the total Silence of the Mind - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Asanas prepare the Physical body for long periods of meditation. This was the original intention of the Asanas. Pranayama enhances and enables the prana in the body to flow without inhibition into a sattvic state. When that state is achieved, one can sit for a considerable time in meditation.

The first and foremost requirement for meditation is the develop the ability to sit cross legged without any discomfort. So practice asanans that allow the hips, ankles and feet to become flexible and supple. Start sitting for a few mins every day until the body gets used to it.

Use a pillow/ bolster or blanket. Sit on the edge with the hips tilting forward and the knees on the ground/mat.

Sukasana and Siddhasana are ideal postures. Padmasana(lotus posture) is considered quite advanced and can be tried later

Focus initially on the breath and just follow the inhale and exhale through the nostrils. Feel the spine lengthen and the belly raise with an inhale and with each exhale feel all the muscles relax....

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